Elvis the Pony and Topsy Turvy Tivio


Topsy Turvy Tivio loves being a pony and hanging with all of his friends, but when the time comes to start his training, he doesn’t make the cut. His friends are chosen over him, and they get to try new things and go on new adventures.
Will Tivio ever get chosen to go on adventures?

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Elvis the Pony and Topsy Turvy Tivio Details
This children's book about horses is perfect for any age reader. Grown ups or older siblings can use Topsy Turvy Tivio's experiences of feeling left out and not getting 'picked' to talk about being a good friend, including others in play, and recognizing the strengths of each individual's differences. The illustrations capture the essence of Tivio's feelings that all readers can relate to.


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